Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Flowers

I have two urns in front of my garage that I use for all the seasons. I do not have photos of what I did for Winter. All I did was cut down some evergreen branches and stuck them in the pots and added red velvet bows. That was not one of my better ideas. It looked okay but the wind would catch the branches and they acted as sails and it would knock over the urns. I love my urns. It was one of the first things I bought when we moved into this house. They match the brick perfect. They look okay but my husband has jury rigged these for me so many times now. I cross my fingers every time he repairs them for me.
Summer this year. Not crazy about it. When I had the time this year, there was not much of a selection and my husband was with he is a cheap-sake. I am defiantly going to get more creative next summer

This is for Halloween . When Halloween is over I can take out the flamingos and Halloween signs and just have fall decorations. They will  look nicer when the mums bloom.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Adult Coloring (the not so new fad)

 An estimated 12 million adult coloring books were sold in the United States. Supposedly people find it therapeutic. Once again I am behind the trend. For at least a year I have seen women in our break room coloring in adult coloring books. I was mildly interested. My daughters boyfriend has a five year old. This got me looking at coloring supplies. I would pick her up Lisa Frank things here and there. I am a sucker for her stuff. I love me some unicorns. I recently seen at the Dollar Tree adult coloring books. I picked up 2 of them. My thoughts were if this turns out to be another hobby I'm not so thrilled about I am not out much money. Well the school supplies came out in all the stores and I naturally had to buy the biggest box of crayons they make. That really brought back some memories. The box is even bigger then the one I had as a kid. The smell of those crayons was amazing. Even though I had 120 colors to choose from I picked my favorite childhood crayon of all time. Magenta. As a child I loved everything about that crayon. The color, the name, and even how the wrapper was a lighter color then the crayon. Most of the crayons wrappers were the same color as the crayon. The Magenta just seemed so special. Even now I want to say Magenta, Magenta! I kinda want to get a kitty and name her Magenta. If you think you might enjoy coloring, check out The Everyday Goth the coloring books on this blog are really pretty.

The one I had as a kid probably looked like this
Dollar Tree coloring books and the biggest box of crayons. Still do not know why I had to buy the biggest box? I guess I am still a greedy little child.
There is almost too many. I think it would be overwhelming for a child to pick out a color. 

My daughter colored in the top book and I did the bottom one using just Magenta for the flower. That is as far as we got. Its really boring. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

I Love New York!

My brother who I have not seen in a couple of years was cleaning out a storage unit and came across a nativity set I had given him years ago. He texted me "How is your summer?" I texted him "My summer is a boring drag. Invite me out." Then I text him "Answer Me" He text me back "Come Out."
The next thing you know I am on a plane. I won't post tons of pictures (just a few) and bore everyone. I just want to say that I think this is how I am going to do vacations from now on. It was spontaneous, exciting and so much fun. Not planning, no stress and having no unrealistic expectations was fantastic. Best of all was having one on one time with my brother. He is one of the most beautiful people on the planet.
My and my brother Ronnie in Central Park
This was from a boat tour