Wednesday, October 30, 2013


First are some pics of some cupcakes.  I won some really awesome Halloween cake decorations last year on Insomniac's blog (best blog ever).  Stupid me did not reply in time to use for Halloween.  My co-workers and their kids went crazy over the cupcakes.  A couple of the kids loved them so much their teeth were black for homecoming pictures (mom was mad).  Just goes to show a little thought goes a long way (note to self be nicer).  Insomniac wait to you see how I use the things you gave me for Christmas.
 Front porch is fun for the kids.  My theme is a witch whatever.  
I dragged the wood for this shelf out of my neighbor's trash.  You cannot see it but on the top shelf is a jar for a pickled baby I made up myself.  It is a work in progress (I hope it turns out to be very disturbing).  And a human brain packaged like a steak (dollar store Love It)! 
There is a spider to the right of the door it is sound activated (scared the poop out of the landscaper he ran across the street).  We have had a lot of fun with it. They are everywhere.  Get one.
The hand and eyeballs are from the dollar store but served on pretty plates (same plates I will use for Thanksgiving).   The cute sign is from the dollar store.  The candelabra is from Micheal's (I talked them down on this).  You can pay a lot for this item so watch out don't pay more than $15 I think I got it for under seven.  I don't want to pay much since it stays outside.   My work friend's boyfriend threw her a surprise B-day party with a True blood theme and she gave me one of the True Bloods he made for the party (they were strong I re-named it True Buzz because I always refer to them as TB)